Our Services

Pediatric Physical Therapy ONLY!

PRSPT4Kids specializes in pediatric physical therapy. That’s all we do! From birth to young adulthood, we ensure that your child has the best opportunities to live their most abundant life! It’s our passion, and we are 100% dedicated to the work we do.

Natural Environment Care

PRSPT4Kids is focused on serving children in the natural environment. That means, instead of making an appointment, packing up the kids, driving out to an office, having therapy, then driving everyone home… we come to you.

But, it’s not just about convenience…

We believe seeing children in their natural environment is the best form of physical therapy. In fact, studies have shown that children perform best in their natural setting. The research-based concepts of the coaching model and natural learning environment are the cornerstone of our method. We want your child to learn skills that are meaningful to them where they live and learn. Our physical therapist and assistants can come to your home, your child’s daycare provider (with their permission), or even at a local park. We will also coach you on ways to help your child in their own environment even when we aren’t there.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

To ensure your child has the best care, it must be a team effort. We will work with you (the parents), your child’s doctors, and other members of your child’s support team to get the best possible outcome.

How PRSPT4Kids Can Help

Once PRSPT4Kids joins your care team, we will evaluate your child and develop a plan of care with specific goals for a specific time period that will help them make progress in the areas they need help. You will be informed of the plan, the goals, and even be educated and coached in ways that you can continue working with your child at home. Regularly, our PT or PTAs will come to your child and use this plan to help them achieve their goals. Once the plan is complete, we will re-evaluate your child and see if there are new goals to develop or if they are ready to move on solo!

Specialty Care

Another great service we offer it help those with specialty care needs. Our Physical Therapist can help you navigate working with support team members like an orthotist or equipment vendor. Her years of expertise will be invaluable when it comes time to verify the proper fit and set-up of equipment.

Hours of Service

Because we focus on natural environment care and come to you, we try to be flexible with our work hours. Our team can come as early as 8:00am or as late as 6:00pm (finishing therapy no later than 7:00pm). Give us a call to find out our availability in your area.

Health Insurance

We take most health insurance. Call us to find out more information about coverage. We are happy to work with you and your insurance company. PRSPT4Kids also offers competitive rates for those who do not have insurance coverage or prefer to self pay.